Why is it optimal to have a Professional Home Stager help to create a Market-Ready Listing?

Why is it optimal to have a Professional Home Stager help to create a Market-Ready Listing?

Humans are habitual to a fault in most cases.

Even if we have lived in our current home for more than a few months, there are things that we do to make our lives more convenient. Our hectic daily routines dictate that we work on auto-pilot a lot of the time.

I am positive that at least one of the following occurs in your household:

• There is a spot on your kitchen counter, coffee table, entry table, entry bench, kitchen table or island, or dining room table where you habitually drop all items in your hands as you enter the house at the end of a long day. These items consist of mail, keys, phones, chargers, flyers, etc. This area is a mind-numbing toppling pile.

• The dining room table has been re-designated as the official crafting area of the house.

• Your dog’s beds are sitting in every living area of the house so that he/she can be comfy while they are close to you no matter which room you are in.

• You store your bagged bread products on your kitchen counter for ease of use.

• You have more than one “junk drawer” in your kitchen and opening/closing them is always a magic trick.

• Your entry closet is stuffed with piles of shoes, and all pairs are broken up. It is difficult to open and close this closet door, so you just leave it open.

• Because your entry closet is stuffed-full, you have purchased a large shoe rack and placed it by the door. This is also full, and there are a few pairs of shoes you regularly wear just sitting on the entry-floor so it’ better to hire small apt movers to remove your furniture from the room during the show.

• In your living room, you have just one curtain panel pulled up to the side and fastened with a twist tie or a hair clip because it allows just enough sunlight in for your fern in the corner.

• You leave your bag of toilet-paper rolls out on the half-bath floor in case of emergency re-fill needs.

• You leave your baby stroller on the front porch because it is simply easier.

• You leave your Christmas lights up on the exterior of your home all year round…again, because it is easier.

• …This list could get much longer, but you get the point. We are all human.

A Professional Home Stager comes in with a fresh, objective, and outsider perspective. They are educated and experienced in what today’s buyers want and need to see in their new prospective home. They KNOW all of the seemingly small and trivial things that can and WILL kill any chance of an offer coming in on your property. 

Professional Home Stagers are also very talented at knowing all the small tweaks that can be made to a property’s presentation in order to inspire buyers to make an offer quickly.

Home Stagers see things in your home that you simply do not see. When we are in environment, day in, day out, surrounded by living conveniences we have created to simplify daily routine, we become blinded.

For instance, in my own home, I have a side table snuggled up to my favorite chair in my living room. I have it there so that I can do work on my laptop at night, AND have my tea sitting beside it. Now, because of the awkward layout of my living room, this side table encroaches on the entrance to the space. It certainly impedes traffic flow. But, I don’t necessarily notice this, as my shuffling movement to get into the living room has become habit. I am on auto-pilot when I enter my own living room.

Now, however, enter buyer. This layout is awkward, and the need to shuffle around this side table immediately upon entering the living room gives them the impression that the home is lacking floor-space.

Having a Professional Home Stager come in to your home prior to listing it for sale alleviates stress, eliminates wasted time/energy/money, streamlines your presentation adjustment process, and guarantees that your listing will appeal to every buyer in your specific target market(s). Also, if you are going to do home staging yourself, remember to get in touch with https://www.angrymermaid.org/ for packing help.

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