Types of transport for a move

Types of transport for a move

There are many ways to make a move; different means, routes, destinations, needs, volumes and infinite variants that can modify and complicate the needs of transport. Next, you will find the classic means with which you can make a move and the particularities of each type of transport. We hope this article will help you choose the best option.

Air Transportation

It is one of the least requested, it is super fast but it is not cheap. If you make numbers you will see right away that to check a suitcase does not go below $50-$70 (according to the airline). So the budget goes up disproportionately when adding objects. If your move is not so simple as to only transport suitcases, tell you that there are airlines that are dedicated solely to national and international removals, but compare prices and use this way when it’s really urgent move.

Marine Transport

On the other hand, most users use maritime means to transport vehicles. In addition, transporting a vehicle to the new city is a good opportunity to take advantage of the space and load the car with other necessary equipment for the new place. However, there are many users who prefer to drive themselves until they reach the new city to save their flight ticket. Before choosing, it is necessary to make an estimate of expenses; gasoline, tolls, hostels, and food.

Ground Transportation

Finally, removals by land have always been preferred. Since they are the intermediate point between the two previous ones;

  1. Less time than by boat and more than by air
  2. More economical than by plane and less than maritime
  3. In the end, we are also more aware of what we pay, since we are more knowledgeable of the Kilometer as a unit of length rather than miles.

Both a van and a truck can accommodate all types of furniture and appliances, of any shape and size. Carriers are aware of the best routes and will always leave the cargo in the previously agreed place, which provides a lot of comforts. In addition, they can always perform packaging and disassembly services if the customer needs it. Finally, the train is becoming increasingly important in the global transport of large volumes and merchandise but it is not a mean used in private moves.

The star tip is that in a move (especially in the international ones) you get rid of everything that you no longer use since those extra objects can make transportation substantially more expensive. If you still have to make purchases, better do them when you’re in the new city.

Users recommend and prefer to make the move by land whenever possible and you  have time. Remember, the best option is always governed by comfort, price and time.

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