Day: October 31, 2019

Tips to survive a move

Tips to survive a move

It is said that a move is one of the most stressful experiences that exist. Packing a whole house to move to a new home is a great logistical challenge.

But with a little organization and the help of professionals can be achieved without losing your nerves. We must bear in mind that a move also has an important emotional component: experiences and memories are left behind, a stage is closed to start another. The more planned the material part, the easier it will be to deal with managing the personal factor as well.

Ask for help

Rate what you can assume and think should you hire a moving company. A move is not easy, but it is not the same when it comes to personal belongings rather than a large fully furnished house. Dismantling furniture and moving large appliances is not available to anyone. Trust in professionals.

Plan ahead

In a move it is advisable not to improvise or leave decisions for the last minute. It is convenient to agree on the date with the company that has been chosen with the maximum advance. Keep in mind that the end and beginning of the month are usually days of high demand. Knowing in advance the chosen day allows you also to manage the parking permit, if necessary.

Take into account all the details

The moving company must know the exact amount and size of the equipment that needs to be moved. Ideally, they will make a prior visit in order to calculate the volume of the vehicle they need, the number of people and the hours planned as well as budget for their service. Also specify what you need: it is not the same to move and pack / unpack all your things yourself.

In addition, you must inform the company if there are any traffic restrictions in any of the two houses, whether it is a narrow or pedestrian street, whether there is an elevator or not, the width of the staircase and the conditions of accessibility to the home. Sometimes a movable crane will be necessary and you have to have it planned.

Before packaging, take the opportunity to select

The packaging can be done by moving companies, which have packaging of various sizes and even wardrobe boxes for clothes, but you can also do it on your own. The boxes are more recommended than the bags, and we must adapt the weight to the strength of the cardboard so that they do not break when moved. Do not forget to label the outside of the boxes, so it will be easier to know what area of ​​the new house can suite. Before packaging is a good time to get rid of the objects that are no longer used and sell them, give them away or recycle them. Moving things that you no longer want does not make much sense.

Valuables go with you

Personal documents, hard drives with important information, money and jewelry are best to carry yourself. Although you do not have to miss anything, it’s better to avoid risks. In the case of works of art, antiques and other large objects that must go in the moving truck, a specific insurance can be hired to cover them.

The day before

Turn off and empty appliances and all appliances that contain liquids or fluids that may spill: refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee maker, fryer or humidifiers, for example. Rest well and take strength. Tomorrow is the day!

The day of the move

You can leave everything in the hands of the moving company, but it is advisable to be present at the time of loading and unloading to be able to make the appropriate indications. It is especially important to be able to specify where it is going in the new house, so they will leave each item in the corresponding room. If you have also contracted the unpacking, the company will take the empty boxes.

Avoid unnecessary risks

Keep in mind that a move has many costs: the vehicle, packaging materials, workers’ wages and corresponding taxes. Make sure that the company you have hired complies with current legislation, has hired workers and bills correctly. If a problem arises during the move, such as an accident at work or the disappearance of an object of value, the situation can become very unpleasant if the company is not in order and shirks its responsibility.

Types of transport for a move

Types of transport for a move

There are many ways to make a move; different means, routes, destinations, needs, volumes and infinite variants that can modify and complicate the needs of transport. Next, you will find the classic means with which you can make a move and the particularities of each type of transport. We hope this article will help you choose the best option.

Air Transportation

It is one of the least requested, it is super fast but it is not cheap. If you make numbers you will see right away that to check a suitcase does not go below $50-$70 (according to the airline). So the budget goes up disproportionately when adding objects. If your move is not so simple as to only transport suitcases, tell you that there are airlines that are dedicated solely to national and international removals, but compare prices and use this way when it’s really urgent move.

Marine Transport

On the other hand, most users use maritime means to transport vehicles. In addition, transporting a vehicle to the new city is a good opportunity to take advantage of the space and load the car with other necessary equipment for the new place. However, there are many users who prefer to drive themselves until they reach the new city to save their flight ticket. Before choosing, it is necessary to make an estimate of expenses; gasoline, tolls, hostels, and food.

Ground Transportation

Finally, removals by land have always been preferred. Since they are the intermediate point between the two previous ones;

  1. Less time than by boat and more than by air
  2. More economical than by plane and less than maritime
  3. In the end, we are also more aware of what we pay, since we are more knowledgeable of the Kilometer as a unit of length rather than miles.

Both a van and a truck can accommodate all types of furniture and appliances, of any shape and size. Carriers are aware of the best routes and will always leave the cargo in the previously agreed place, which provides a lot of comforts. In addition, they can always perform packaging and disassembly services if the customer needs it. Finally, the train is becoming increasingly important in the global transport of large volumes and merchandise but it is not a mean used in private moves.

The star tip is that in a move (especially in the international ones) you get rid of everything that you no longer use since those extra objects can make transportation substantially more expensive. If you still have to make purchases, better do them when you’re in the new city.

Users recommend and prefer to make the move by land whenever possible and you  have time. Remember, the best option is always governed by comfort, price and time.