10 important things to do when moving to a new home.

10 important things to do when moving to a new home.

When we move from home and we have everything ready, and when we get to the new house, we realize that we are missing some very basic but essential things. To avoid that, we will see a small list with 10 things to take with us and what to do before moving to a new home so that we do not miss anything.

  • Clean the toilet thoroughly. Even if we are too apprehensive, change the toilet seat; It is easy and cheap. A good cleaning of the toilet guarantees us to be calmer in a house in which we feel a bit strange.
  • Change the locks. This as long as the owner allows us if the house is for rent. You never know the friends or enemies that the former tenant might have. With the locks changed, we will feel calmer.
  • Clean the entire house before moving in. Surely the owner of the house or the former tenant will have cleaned it, but if we clean it with our cleaning products to which we are accustomed, it will seem really clean and we will feel more comfortable.
  • Paint the house before bringing the furniture. If the landlord allows us to do so and we can paint the house, it would be good if we painted the house before taking all our stuff, so the task of painting becomes much simpler.
  • Carry rolls of toilet paper. Yes, it seems silly but, what are you going to clean in a new house that there is nothing?
  • Take pictures of the damage. This serves both the tenant and the owner of the house. Make some photos of the possible damages, we will avoid problems tomorrow.
  • May the first box we carry be full of personal accessories. Surely the move takes a couple of days, and if we stay in the new house, we must have on hand, towels, toothbrush, gel, shampoo and all our personal accessories. That is why it is advisable to take one of the first boxes to the new house with all our accessories.
  • Take some fast food. Since we will not have anything in the kitchen, a pizza or some fast food will come in handy.
  • Install a shower curtain. Can you imagine after all the day of moving, cleaning, sweating and that you go to take a shower and you realize that you are going to flood the whole bathroom?
  • Bring clean sheets. Surely we take all the clothes we need to dress the beds, but do you know what box they are in? Unpacking the sheets and bedding and leaving them on top of the bed guarantees that we can sleep on top of our clean clothes.

These are only 10 things to do, which we find very useful when moving to a new house. And you, what do you think? Do you have anything else to do that is important when you move into a house?

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